About Us

ASA Group is one of the fast growing Advertising Company located at Pune, Maharashtra. In a world of competition, appearance plays a very important role and we aim to provide our customers with the most well designed bill boards; like banners, sign boards and hoardings. We have the most modern equipment to work on and help you capture the pixel perfect designs to make stunning boards and banners to improve your market standing. You can choose from a stunning range of hoardings across Pune that is certain to take you by surprise.

The world of designing is fast advancing. We have arrived at the doorsteps of new technology that helps combine artistic elegance to practical printing reality. Our Hoarding services can help your business save a great amount of money without compromising on the attractiveness of the design or its authenticity. Hoardings and other outdoor advertising have reinvented themselves as the perfect marketing strategy. You need to have well designed and catchy hoardings / sun packs in order to retain the attention of your customers and associates. Our stunning Locations can help you bring out the best and most attractive designs to capture and endorse your brand name in a more successful format. Our prices remain competitive and have been the main reason for our popularity.

In a world of click, likes, and page views, out of home (OOh). Advertising is more of a core media buy than ever before. OOH is the real thing. It can’t be blocked skipped or viewed by bots.OOH is always on, surrounding and immersing audiences with real, powerful, advertising, wherever consumers live, work, travel, shop, and play. Nothing beats the level of visibility that advertising on a billboard can bring. For a relatively small investment, a company can get years of visibility, with thousands of potential consumers viewing the ad each day.


Our Team

We aim to continually build understanding of the role of Out-of-Home in the connected economy and make Out-of-Home campaigns easy and accountable for our customers to execute. By nature of our experience, attitude and service offering, our team is passionate about helping businesses to succeed. Our vision is to be your ‘valued and trusted’ business and accounting partner and to work with a limited portfolio of clients so we can dedicate more time to your ongoing business development and respond when and how you need us to.

We buy and sell more OOH media in Pune than any other company, and our relationships offer unique access to markets throughout Pune. Our experience, buying power and creativity helps us deliver exceptional value to clients looking to navigate this dynamic media space. We know what works and we’re here to help.